Retreat 1: Trusting God for everything

13 – 15 September (Friday – Sunday)

Collection of registration packs and orientation from 15h00 – 16h00 on Friday afternoon at the Dutch Reformed Church Hall in Greyton. We will leave for The Oaks from the church.

Meals and accommodation are included in the price of the retreat cost. Please note that we can only host a maximum of 40 people per retreat.


  • Informal comfortable clothing, layers as it can be cold on the farm. 
  • Walking shoes
  • Own toiletries and towel
  • Insect repellent
  • Bible and journal
  • Crayons and pens
  • Leave cellphone and laptop at home as there is no internet available!


Welcome and Orientation

Trusting God for Everything based on meeting God in Scripture

This retreat explores what we are most afraid of and how to move from fear to confidence in God, which includes moving from a distorted image of a crabby God to the biblical reality of a God who is completely loving and completely just. The primary path of doing this is learning how to have an interactive life with God through meeting God in Scripture meditation.

Trusting God when we need Confidence

What would your life be like if you were never afraid? Never anxious? That life of confidence in God is possible and begins with learning how to hear God in Scripture in a relational, non-mechanical way.
Scripture meditation on Psalm 23. “I have everything I need!”

Is God Trustworthy?

To trust God, we first have to dismantle the common distorted view of God as one who is constantly disappointed in us. God’s determined, relentless love is difficult to believe because we haven’t seen it in humans; but God is so much more than a nicer version of the typical human. We learn that in conversation with God as we meditate on Scripture.
Scripture meditation on Luke 15:1-7, God’s Outlandish, Lavish Love.

Living Without Fear

Fear is a root cause behind all kinds of sin. It can move us to anger, confusion and doubt. It distorts what we think we’re hearing God say to us in Scripture. As a result, we miss God’s true invitations. 
Meditation on Mark 9:14-28, How Jesus Leads us in Conversation.

Daily Interactive Times with God

Daily Bible reading has become about reading to get to the bottom of the page or the end of today’s supposed reading. Not until it becomes a rich conversation do we find it a delight instead of full of guilt and drudgery.
Scripture Meditation on Mark 4:35-41, Relaxing Into Another Reality.

Closing off the Retreat

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